I have undertaken work at the British Museum cataloguing coin hoards of the Viking Age, most notably the Vale of York and Lenborough hoards.

I also contributed substantially to the preparation of a corpus of coin finds from the medieval mint at Wallingford. An overview of the corpus was presented by me at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds in 2011, and published in the journal Yorkshire Numismatist (4). A full catalogue later appeared in the volume Transforming Townscapes: From Burh to Borough: the archaeology of Wallingford, 800 – 1400 edited by Neil Christie et al., with a commentary written by Gareth Williams. I have also carried out a full die study of the Wallingford corpus, the results of which will be made available at a later stage.

Teutonic Order 3 (obv)_1

Coin of the Teutonic Order (Grand-Master Johann von Tiefen (1489-97)

I have recently begun work on a study of the coins and seals of the Teutonic Order in the British Museum collection, and am interested in pursuing work on the coins of Edward the Elder’s ‘tower type’, some of which bear striking similarities to extant Anglo-Saxon masonry towers.