My academic training and experience is diverse, and encompasses history, history of art, anthropology, archaeology, numismatics and literature. My principle area of research is the symbolism of landscape in early Medieval Britain and, in particular, the relationship of  landscape to warfare. I also have interests in medieval coinage, the early medieval history of the eastern Baltic region, and the representation of the medieval past in nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century art and politics.


Landscape and Warfare in Early Medieval Britain

Overview The study of early medieval conflict landscapes has been largely driven by the traditional research agendas of military historians and battlefield archaeologists who have sought above all to precisely locate battlefields and reconstruct narratives of engagement. The deeply problematic nature of the source material for reliably identifying sites has, however, resulted in the locational … Continue reading Landscape and Warfare in Early Medieval Britain


I have undertaken work at the British Museum cataloguing coin hoards of the Viking Age, most notably the Vale of York and Lenborough hoards. I also contributed substantially to the preparation of a corpus of coin finds from the medieval mint at Wallingford. An overview of the corpus was presented by me at the International … Continue reading Numismatics