The Tale of King Harald

“Long ago, in the days when dragons could still be found and fought (or so it is written in the tales of those times), there lived a Viking king. He was fierce and warlike, brave and strong, cunning and cruel. His name was Harald Hard-ruler and that name was feared wherever it was heard.Harald Ship2

But it was not always so . . .

Child in exile, Russian warlord, mercenary for the Greek Emperor, Christian warrior in the Holy Land, King of Norway; Harald Hard-ruler was many things in the course of a brilliant and blood-soaked career, but he is mostly remembered today (if he is remembered at all) as the Viking king who scuppered the chances of successful English resistance to the Normans at the battle of Hastings in 1066. But Harald, often regarded as the last of the Viking kings, deserves to be more than a mere footnote to the familiar story of the Norman Conquest. This book, an illustrated retelling of Harald’s life and legend, with factual sections exploring the Viking world, sets out to put that right.


 “Brings the Vikings: Life and Legend exhibition alive.” –  The Telegraph

an exciting adventure tale part based on factual events, aided with fantastic ink-and-linework illustrations rather than the usual cartoony fare” – Readitdaddy

A fascinating book …recommended for both adults and younger readers alike. ” – Bookbabblers

A tale to bring history to life… This is a really fine read. Storyshack


Harald spread

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