In 2014 I taught and helped to develop the course unit Viking Archaeology in Britain as part of the Undergraduate Diploma in Archaeology (I) at Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education. Although focussed on archaeology, the course approached the subject from  an interdisciplinary angle, with coverage of the principle historical records, numismatics and the problems associated with using post-Viking Old Norse literature as a source for Viking history and pre-Christian belief. The course was particularly concerned with the Viking experience in Britain, but also looked closely at the evidence from Scandinavia and other areas of Viking settlement.

The same course unit will hopefully run again in 2016 or 2017 – visit the ICE website to find out more.

I have also taught ad hoc sessions for UCL’s Institute of Archaeology on aspects of Anglo-Saxon warfare and civil defence, and lectured widely to public audiences in the UK.

Check back for details of future teaching appointments.